MAST MASTLABS Wireless Battery Power Supply RCA Connector

Dimensions, L x W x H: 17.8 x 10.3 x 5.8 cm
Manufacturer: MAST TATTOO Supply
Colour: White


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Color : White
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MAST MASTLABS Wireless Battery Power Supply RCA Connector

Mast Wireless Battery: Lightweight and Compact
The Mast tattoo power supply is a lightweight and compact solution designed for tattoo artists who prioritize maximum flexibility and mobility. Weighing only 44 grams, this power supply is incredibly lightweight, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it with your tattoo pen and work freely.

The Best Chip for Tattoo Machine Batteries
Mastlabs has introduced a groundbreaking cognitive super-sense chip into the Mast Wireless Tattoo Power Supply, ushering in a new era of tattoo machine batteries. This chip offers exceptional performance and functionality, revolutionizing the tattooing experience. With the Mast chip, you can achieve precise tattooing results while enhancing overall performance.

Mast Airbot Wireless Tattoo Battery with Digital OLED Display
The Mast Airbot Wireless Tattoo Battery is equipped with a high-quality digital OLED display. This display provides a clear and user-friendly interface, allowing you to adjust the battery settings quickly and effortlessly. By pressing the power button for 3 seconds, you can easily power the battery on or off. The voltage can be adjusted from 4 to 12 volts, catering to the speed requirements of different tattoo artists. By pressing the "+" and "-" buttons for an extended period, you can fine-tune the voltage in 0.1-volt increments.

Tattoo Wireless Battery Pack with 1050mAh Lithium Battery Capacity
The Mast Wireless Tattoo Battery Pack boasts a lithium battery with a capacity of 1050mAh. This battery offers ample runtime for continuous tattooing sessions. With a charging time of just 2 hours, and depending on the voltage settings and tattoo machine used, the battery can be used continuously for 3-4 hours.

Stable Performance and Optimal Power Output
When starting the battery, the Mast chip detects the required operating state and adjusts the power output in real-time, ensuring a stable and reliable start for your tattoo machine. The stable performance of the Mast Wireless Tattoo Power Supply enables precise and high-quality tattooing.

RCA Interface Tattoo Battery for Compatibility
The Mast Wireless Tattoo Power Supply features a standard RCA interface. This interface is compatible with most tattoo machines that also have an RCA interface, making it versatile and seamlessly integratable with your existing tattoo setup.