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Modern engineering reserches, our own technical base and highly qualified personnel let us create innovative products that are unique and unlike anything in the world.
Standards and certificate
IDOL DEVICE​ production (Munich, Germany) is eco-friendly and matches international quality management standards and HSE management standards.
We value the opportunity to keep the environment of our planet clean and safe, so our products do not contain any harmful ingredients that are bad for humans’ health and our planet.
Our product is aimed to complex solution of problems in permanent makeup. Its technical options give an opportunity to put the pigments into skin in a safe, direct and quick way. We are absolutely sure IDOL DEVICE will help masters to create new quality standards.
I would like to be sincerely thankful to everyone who developed and created this magical machine for permanent makeup – IDOL DEVICE. I am into everything but especially the opportunity to work with both needles and cartridges. Now it is my favorite one! Thank you!!!
Angelika Sukhova
I’ve been working with the pigments for just a few months and I can’t imagine how I did without them! They perform perfectly well. And there are of course my favourite ones. I have ordered Lover twice. The result is the same one as mentioned in the description. Thank you!
Irina Kaufmann
Just recently I’ve decided to buy all the range of IDOL pigments for lips. I wish I did it much earlier!!! I am absolutely delighted with all of them – an excellent coverage, easy to work with and I am not ashamed for the result! By the way some of the clients didn’t need any correction even. Thanks a lot!
Lena May
​Each master has his/her “pain” about the pigments. Personally, I closed this issue after purchasing the pigments IDOL. This is a real German quality! Balance is fabulous! Working time was shortened significantly! Correction is often not required, the pigment is ideally spread. All the colours are dignified, not vulgar.
Galyna Goncharova
I haven’t seen anything equal at the market for a long time! I’ve only heard about this magical machine from my colleagues))) Of course, I’ve ordered and just got it! WOW!! Hi-tech! It is a real pleasure to work and double pleasure to see the ideal results of recovered works. By the way I’ve ordered the pigments as well. Now I am working with the lips’ ones and so happy with it!!! Thank you!!
Olga Chibotaru
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About us

About us
We present the most organic and rapidly growing brand at the permanent makeup market
All our directions together form really unique ecosystem where you can try all the opportunities such as learning how to do your job in a beautiful and qualified way and to present yourself at the market, buying professional products in online shop and taking part in a luxurious event as a speaker or a participant.