PMU Hybrid Pigment Angel’s Lips Magenta

Lips PMU hybrid pigment 12HEATHER
Colour temperature: cool
Colour: magenta
Residual after healing: 80-90 %
Shelf life: 2 years
Amount: 15 ml
Hybrid pigments
Made in USA
Recommendations for use:
Work extremely lightly and on the surface
Shaking before use is necessary!
REACH tested colours.


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DEFENDERR Pigment Angel's Lips

Defenderr Pigment PMU Angel's Lips is a professional pigment for asian people. The pigment retains 80-90% of the original colour after healing and has a shelf life of 2 years. It comes in a volume of 15 ml and is available in magenta colour saddles.

- suggested mixed with other pigments
- when working with caucasian people, going through with corrector first is recommended.

Safety Data Sheet