Classic Lashes – Curvature C


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Classic Lashes - Curvature С

Thickness: 0.12
Length: Mix 8 - 15 mm


Colour: deep black, natural silk sheen.
16 strips
High elasticity, hypoallergenic, waterproof.

The classic eyelash extension never goes out of fashion. For those who want the natural classic look, you'll find the right lashes here.
Our lashes are all made from innovative monofilament and have no animal origin.
Aesthetic weightless and individual eyelash extensions, easy processing and long durability of the extensions is our goal.
For the sake of the environment, we produce all our lashes in reusable paper boxes with magnetic closures. Also, all our lash strips have silver foil on the back, which allows for easy and residue-free replacement of the lash strip.
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Der Umwelt zu liebe stellen wir alle Wimpern in wiederverwendbaren Papierboxen mit Magnetverschluss her. Ebenfalls haben alle unsere Wimpernstreifen Silberfolie auf der Rückseite, was ein einfaches und rückstandsloses Austausch des Wimpernstreifens ermöglicht.

Aufbewahrung: Kühl und trocken lagern, direkte Sonneneinstrahlung und hohe Temperaturen vermeiden.