DEFENDERR Power Supply PS-8


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The DEFENDERR PS-8 is a modern switched-mode power supply.

An excellent choice for beginners and a reliable aid for tattoo and permanent make-up professionals.

DEFENDERR PS-8 is a universal power supply.
Compatible with all induction and rotary machines.
The Jump-start function allows working on machines with a high starting voltage.
Can be operated with or without foot pedal.
Has standard 1/4 plugs for clip cord and pedal.
DEFENDERR PS-8 is easy to use.
It has a touch screen interface
With colour rendering and large, easy-to-read fonts.
The colour theme changes as the output changes.
Display shows
All necessary parameters - volts, ampere, duty cycle and regulation indicators are shown on the display.

DEFENDERR PS-8 is convenient in every way.
It is possible to connect two machines at the same time.
It has a built-in clock and work session counter with an hourly rate.
The silicone base with a magnet allows for good fixation both on smooth and metal surfaces.
DEFENDERR PS-8 - safe for your devices.
Equipped with integrated protection
It protects against short circuits and overheating.
It has a sleep mode function that turns on automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity.