KN95 Protection Mask Respirator 10 Pieces

10 Pieces KN95 Protection Mask Respirator Mouthguard Fine Dust Mask.

Supplied in hygienic packaging to protect the mask from contamination before use.Flat collapsible respirator that provides reliable and effective protection against fine dust and mist. The mask with the ingenious 3-piece design adapts ideally to different face shapes and facial movements, for example when speaking, thus greatly increasing daytime comfort.

Ingenious 3-part design allows for more facial movements when speaking and is particularly comfortable to wear.

Seal point at the top of the mask minimises spectacle fogging.

Special design of the nose region adapts to the nose and facial contours and increases compatibility with glasses

Respirators make it possible to work even in warm and humid conditions.

Instructions for use:
1.) The metal nose clip faces upwards, the side without the metal nose clip faces the face.
2.) Hold the mask at the chin first, place your fingers on the metal nose clip and press according to the shape of the bridge of the nose.
3.) Pull the ear straps over the ears until it feels comfortable.
4.) Place your hand on the mask and check that it fits well on your face.


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