Vertix Nano Cartridges Liner 20 Pieces

Configuration: Liner
Needle Diameter: 0.20 – 0.33 mm


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Vertix Nano Cartridges Liner 20 Pieces

The Cutting-Edge DarkLab Vertix Nano Needles: Revolutionizing Permanent Makeup

The DarkLab Vertix Nano needles represent the pinnacle of permanent makeup cartridges available today. Crafted with the specific needs of the most discerning artists in mind, these cartridges boast unparalleled features that set them apart from any other brand in the market. In this article, we will delve into the remarkable qualities of the Vertix Nano needles and explore how they are revolutionizing the field of permanent makeup.

Precise and Ultra-Thin Needles
The Vertix Nano needles are renowned for their exceptional thinness, making them the perfect choice for precise permanent makeup procedures. Compared to other needles, they offer a finer gauge, allowing artists to execute intricate designs and minute details with greater control. These needles have been meticulously engineered to provide artists with enhanced precision, particularly when working on complex patterns and delicate features.

Elongated, Transparent, and Detachable Tips
One standout feature of the Vertix Nano needles is their elongated, transparent, and detachable tips. These attributes offer a crucial advantage: a crystal-clear view of the ink flow, enabling artists to make subtle adjustments to needle settings. This heightened visibility empowers artists with improved control and accuracy when applying permanent makeup.

Exceptional Ink Flow and High Saturation
The design and material composition of the Vertix Nano needle tips ensure exceptional ink flow and high saturation. As a result, the need for frequent ink dips is significantly reduced, saving artists both time and effort. The high saturation capabilities enable artists to achieve vibrant and long-lasting results without the need for constant replenishment.

Protected Dual-Side Ventilation
Each Vertix Nano needle tip is equipped with protected dual-side ventilation openings. This unique feature creates a decompressing vacuum effect, effectively minimizing the risk of ink splattering. Simultaneously, the ventilation openings facilitate optimal rinsing of the needle, preventing color mixing during shade transitions. This guarantees precise and clean application of permanent makeup.

Secure Low-Tension Membrane
DarkLab's Vertix Nano cartridges feature a secure low-tension membrane that prevents backflow of ink, thereby reducing stress on the tattoo machine's motor. This innovative membrane ensures a consistent and uninterrupted ink flow, enhancing the overall performance and longevity of the cartridges.

Uncompromising Quality and Two-Step Quality Control
Vertix Nano cartridges have been expertly designed to prioritize uncompromising quality. Each cartridge boasts perfectly grouped needles crafted from high-grade Japanese surgical steel, renowned for its exceptional durability and sharpness. Furthermore, DarkLab implements a rigorous two-step quality control process involving automated checks and meticulous human inspection to ensure that every cartridge meets the highest standards.

Made in the USA by DarkLab
DarkLab, the company behind the Vertix Nano needles, is renowned for its excellence in producing top-notch tattoo products. Their reputation extends to well-established brands such as Spektra and Bellar. With the Vertix Nano needles, DarkLab has once again showcased their commitment to innovation, delivering cutting-edge solutions that elevate the art of permanent makeup.